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The dramatic landscape of Numby

Welcome to Rove Numby

A fully hosted, guided & catered weekend escapes. Set on a picturesque private property, crafted from the things we love and want to share with you. Put simply you can walk, stay and feast at Rove Numby (or a combination of the three!).


Our ideal weekend getaway is one with just the right balance of active adventure and relaxation. A weekend where we enjoy the best food and wine over a shared table with friends surrounded by nature. Unplugged days spent exploring beautiful landscapes, rich in diversity and history without a tourist in sight. And lastly, all the comforts of home and all the planning and logistics done for you!

This is what we have created for you at Rove* Numby, all you have to do is arrive.

Numby Station

Numby Station is a 6,000ha property situated on the banks of the upper reaches of the Lachlan River in Wiradjuri country.  5 different creeks feed into the river at various points as it meanders through the property.

The landscape incorporates wonderfully diverse terrain- from fertile river flats to rolling hills and steep mountains, and is host to an abundance of native wildlife, birds and plant species.

Over time Numby has seen many families call it home, its had its own school, a dairy, seen mega-floods and bushfires, and even had a few bushrangers that used to frequent these parts.

In the current day the Crawford family run a sheep and cattle enterprise proudly and professionally at Numby Station. They also acknowledge their role as caretakers of the land they farm and consider their environmental management a serious responsibility. 

Rosewood Cottage Basecamp

Tucked away beside a meandering creek, Rosewood Cottage evokes the spirit of the early settlers - Australian men and women living in a time that was intrinsic to our nations rich agricultural and pastoral history.


Rosewood Cottage is your space for warming up by the fire, enjoying sumptuous meals with friends and perusing the library instead of your emails. With no internet/phone reception, a rove at Numby is the ultimate digital detox.


This historic cottage has been lovingly saved from the brink of ruin, for the 2nd time in its life. The restoration has been a considered and respectful process, retaining as much of the buildings history and structure as possible.

The rustic nature and gentle patina of this aging beauty has been purposefully preserved as a piece of living history.

We hope you will feel at home and enjoy the warmth and comfort of this unique shared space.

Your host and guide

Tour guide Lou

Louise Crawford is a 5th generation farmer from Booligal NSW, she joined her husband Dave in running Numby Station in 2013.


Over the years Lou hosted countless friends and family, packing a picnic and taking to the hills to show off the landscape she loved. As every guest became just as enamored as she was with the rolling hills and dramatic gorges,  an idea began to germinate.

Being the sort to give just about anything a go, the most recent 3 years were spent restoring and rebuilding Rosewood Cottage and developing the business that is now Rove Numby.  From the repointed stonework, rebuilt floors and repaired walls, you can see Lou's respectful handiwork and love of it's history throughout the cottage.

With her genuine passion for and knowledge of agriculture, history and her natural environment, Lou has a wealth of information to share as she welcomes guests and hikes them through the hills and valleys of her backyard.

Heidi Castleden lives in the next valley over from Numby Station with her family at Hovells Creek. From there she runs Homestead Traders, a small-scale produce and flower farm with a dash of catering on the side.

Having been friends with Lou for some years, and sharing that 'give it a try' nature, Heidi was onboard with the Rove Numby concept from day one.


As the best ideas often do, the collaboration between Homestead Traders and Rove Numby naturally evolved over time. Through days spent at Rosewood Cottage, helping Lou patch the last few holes in the walls and talking through the nitty gritty of what the Rove experience would be, the bare bones idea - Lou hikes and Heidi cooks, slowly took shape, and a partnership was born and we can't imagine a better one!

Heidi's food style is best described as elevated homestyle cooking, nourishing and hearty with a focus on using premium quality ingredients and local, homegrown produce.

Your Basecamp host
and cook

Heidi is your onsite cook
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